F/W 2009 RTW – Twenty8Twelve

I took a break from the shows, as you can tell – and I missed some big ones (Philip Lim and Ralph Lauren, who showed a BEAUTIFUL collection, come to mind).  However, I’d like to take this opportunity to make a confession.

My friends, I am an unabashed Sienna Miller fan.

Love her.  Love the girl.  I think she’s cool, I think she’s beautiful, I love her style, I want to be her.

She and her sister showed their first runway show for their line Twenty8Twelve this season.  It was, by no means, the most spectactular show.  However, I have high hopes for this line.  I’ve seen some pieces in person and I have, by-in-large, liked what I have seen.

The show was fairly basic, but what I like about this collection is the attention paid to proportion, an often overlooked element of apparel design and styling.

All Photos: Style Dot Com

Also, if you have not seen Miller in the Steve Buscemi-directed Interview.  I beg of you, rent it.  It’s brilliant.


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3 Responses to “F/W 2009 RTW – Twenty8Twelve”

  1. Britni Says:

    I would wear every one of those. The first look is my favorite. I will now attempt to see what I own that will help me replicate the look.

  2. Susan Says:

    i really love her too! it took me awhile to admit it to myself but yes, i too am now an unabashed sienna miller fan. i love her not give a fuck attitude about the media. i love her in layer cake and interview.

  3. Jessica Says:

    You can really see Sienna Miller’s touch on all those looks, too. I can imagine her in every single one of them, especially the one-shouldered dress and the white jacket/grey jeans combo.

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