Old Trends Are New, New Trends Are Old

I was looking through some old photos and I ran across this shot a friend took one night while we were getting ready to go out.  And it made me wonder……is anyone wearing these hippie, embroidered, peasant tops anymore?  I feel like I never see them, and I love them.  I miss them.

I say we stage a comeback.  Who’s with me?



8 Responses to “Old Trends Are New, New Trends Are Old”

  1. Britni Says:

    I’m struck by how absolutely gorgeous you are when I look at this picture.

    And I vote yes on the peasant tops.

  2. Susan Says:

    confession; i still have one that i wear sometimes under cardigans….

    and you do look gorgeous in this photo

  3. thingsiadore Says:

    I have one that I still wear regularly during warmer months. They are so damn comfortable! I’m all for a comeback and I totally agree with the comments above me–absolutely gorgeous.

  4. bebehblog Says:

    Aw man, if we’re going to bring those back can we get broomstick skirts too? I STILL have one in my closet that I like to wear when no one’s looking.

  5. JDRegent Says:

    I feel like every single spring these come back in style with big BOHO CHIC headlines in the mags. They’re a classic. I’ve been wearing my mom’s old ones from 68 since middle school.

  6. nenasadije Says:

    check out dooce.com from yesterday. she’s wearing a tip like that in her newest momversation video. and she’s hot. and totally stylish.

  7. Claudia (Bluebears) Says:

    the BF loves these type of shirts which he refers to as “hippie shirts” as well.

  8. funnyface Says:

    I’m all about it, especially since I just got one hand-me-down-ed from a friend.

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