Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets

I took it as a sign that I should write about my favorite kitchen gadgets when I saw this recent post over at The Kitchn.  I had been contemplating writing about what I use most in the kitchen, and it was the final push I needed.

We cook a lot, and while we do have some nice gadgets, most of our cookware is basic and moderately priced.

Victorinox Knives

David and I received a set of these knives two Christmases ago.  It’s a low to mid-range brand that has served us well thus far.  I use the paring and chef’s knives most often.  You can purchase the Victorinox chef’s knife at Amazon for $23.  It’s currently rated at 5 stars (with 263 reviews).

Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor

Everyone tells you it’s a must have for the home cook.  They’re right.  This was another Christmas gift, and while we don’t use it as often as we’d like, it’s wonderful to have around when we need to whip up pesto or blend soup.

Double-Blade Mezzuluna

I’m not quite sure how I lived without this.  It’s fantastic for chopping and mincing herbs (I use it mostly for parsley).  I prefer those with two blades and a double handle, as they are easier to control.

Ikea Cutting Boards

Ikea cutting boards are cheap and of decent quality.  I buy both the wooden and plastic boards.  The wooden boards are used for cutting vegetables and for displaying cheeses and other spreads during parties.


In my opinion this is a must-have item for home cooks.  Perfect for grating hard cheeses, citrus, ginger, cloves, etc etc.  A flat-surface microplane is multi-functional, but I prefer our rotary grater for cheeses.

Citrus Juicers

Here’s a story David never hears the end of.  My friend K brought me back this awesome metal hand-held citrus juicer from Costa Rica (or Mexico, I can’t remember – she travels a lot).  I LOVED it.  In the summertime, I make loads of tart, citrus-drenched cocktails, and this juicer was indispensable.  Then David broke it.  I was so upset.  It has been replaced with lemon and lime juicers (in citrus-coordinating colors, of course) that I picked up at Sur la Table.  But I still miss my old one, especially because I know it cost K under a buck.

Calphalon Nonstick Pans

This is a perfect example of a non-fancy item we use in the kitchen.  Cookware can be phenomenally expensive, and I know that we will someday replace our pans with lovely copper, cast iron or stainless steel pieces.  For now, these work just fine, especially considering that we don’t even have a gas range.  I find myself using the 12″ everyday pan most often.

Piral Terra Cotta Pot

This gets used more than our dutch oven, believe it or not.  It’s quite similar to the one shown except taller, and I got it for a steal at Sur la Table.  We use it often to make David’s famous, buttery rice pilaf.


I think I use these OXO tongs just as often as I use wooden spoons.

Expobar Espresso Machine

I’ve spoken of our espresso machine before, but it simply cannot be left out of a discussion of kitchen gadgets.  We use it at LEAST twice a day.  It’s our baby, and it’s a powerhouse.

Next up, my top 10 ingredients.

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6 Responses to “Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets”

  1. Laura (pinkyBella) Says:

    I would kill for that espresso machine. It looks awesome.

  2. Jess Says:

    I love Le Creuset. I bought my mom a deep baking dish for Christmas and its awesome. I think Im just a sucker for anything cast iron since I grew up cooking on it. I love a good knife set

  3. elizabeth Says:

    The husband and I are arguing over what to include and not include on our top 5 kitchen gadget list for the food blog, but we have agreed that the Microplane (we have the straight one–it makes zesting so much easier) and tongs are essential.

    Also–IKEA cutting boards rock. We’re so lucky that there’s one ten minutes from our apartment whenever we need a new wooden one.

  4. Neighbor Nancy Says:

    Oh, here you are. I must have been temporarily blind. I am sorry.

    Okay, I feel like a total rube. My list is so different I want to go cry.
    Country Living’s Grain mill, bean frencher, tomato sieve, the BIG Kitchen-Aid mixer, a marble pastry board and rolling pin, cider/sausage press, well balanced chef’s knives( 6″ ,8′” & 10″,) pressure canner, jar wrench, Sprouting lids for wide mouth jars.

    My nearest Ikea is 2 and half hours away. :(

    (Country girl hides her face in her apron and runs away…..)

  5. TheEternalOptimist Says:

    I cannot function without my 6.5 quart KitchenAid mixer + extra bowl. We’ve been together for 7 years, and she’s as good as new!!! I also can’t live without my flat griddle, as they make the best pancakes. I have a lot of professional cake decorating equipment and a huge amount of cake pans, but I don’t use them as much as I should.

  6. Neighbor Nancy Says:

    I love my husband dearly. We have been together for 17 years and still hold hands when we walk. If he said, “it’s me or the Kitchen-Aid.”
    I would walk down the street, dearly holding the KitchenAid.

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