How Did You Choose Your Jezebel Screen Name?

I started at Gawker, and my company had just gone through a re-branding.  The branding firm had developed three consumer archetypes (all women, in her 20’s, 30’s to 40’s and 50+).  I was not involved with the re-branding but weeks afterward some of our higher-ups began stopping me in the hall – “you look just like one of our new archetypes!”

Long story short, they NAMED one after me.  It was kind of embarrassing, and kind of cool, I guess.

Anyhow, when I signed up at Gawker my branding guidelines were sitting by my computer and I thought, “I’m an archetype, that will work.”

I recently changed my screen name to Penny Plastic, for obvious reasons.

What about you?



26 Responses to “How Did You Choose Your Jezebel Screen Name?”

  1. dianersb Says:

    Mine’s the college nickname that my best friend gave me.

    Sadly, I’m think of changing it…

  2. Jess Says:

    I couldn’t think of anything witty for a name so I just chose a the name of a character from a favorite book of mine. Sometimes I think of changing it but Im too lazy and cannot think of anything new

  3. Claudia (Bluebears) Says:

    Mine is so dumb. Ok, I wanted something “funny” and my good friend who lives in another state had had her first baby a little boy. She sent me all these adorable pics and one was of the baby sitting next to this blue teddy bear that someone had clearly given him, and it was like one day after he was born. so the teddy is sitting, and he’s “sitting” next to it but just sort of propped up and crouched like a turtle with his head sinking into his neck and he and this novelty teddy bear were the same size, they looked like best buds. I don’t know why but I loved that picture and I would look at it like, several times a day at work. so it was rolling around in my head, and then blue, blue, blue…blueballs. yeah, i’m a 14 yr old boy apparently.

  4. Claudia (Bluebears) Says:

    p.s. it is so cool that you were an official “archetype” but why the George Harrison picture, I mean is there another reason beside his general gorgeousness?

  5. pennyplastic Says:

    I love that!!!

    And, nope, just his general hotness!

  6. Casey (suck_it_monkeys) Says:

    Blatantly ripped off from Liz Lemon. I have no shame.

  7. Kivrin Says:

    Kivrin Engle is the main character of Doomsday Book, a random sci-fi/historical fiction novel that I’ve loved since high school. The character is a plucky time-traveling historian who goes back to study the middle ages and gets stuck in the Black Death—morbid. I like the character because she’s ballsy, but mostly I just always thought the name was kinda cool and different.

  8. Britni Says:

    Well, my original name is related to the name I used in emails and on IM since 7th grade, but when I decided to stop lurking and start commenting, I changed it to TheVaginaWig. This is related to an episode of “The L Word” in which one of the characters gets mad at a woman with the last name of “Merkin” and a “merkin” is a “vagina wig,” as in a toupee for a vagina (off topic: if you saw Megan’s post today re: Rachel Maddow, and saw that the woman that wrote the article being critiqued had a last name of Merkin, you would understand why I thought it was fake at first. Lesbians + merkin = vagina wig in my mind).

    It is now “VadgeWig” because when I started doing Meebo chats with other Jezzies, I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t let me change my name from “guest.” Apparently, Meebo has a filter and “vagina” is a dirty word to Meebo. So, I should be ashamed of my lady bits. So, “VadgeWig is now more socially acceptable.”


  9. funnyface Says:

    I actually chose my sn a few years before I joined Jezebel, when I was joining another online forum. It is the only Audrey Hepburn film that I could think of that would make a decent, short, easy to remember name. Most people just assume I’m weird looking and don’t think of the film, though. (And no worries, I’m not going to dress up like Holly Golightly and hang out at Tiffany’s for a crowd of photogs any time soon.)

  10. JDRegent Says:

    Oh mine was way back in 2006 or 7 when I was commenting on Wonkette. I was completely obsessed with the congressional hearings on the DOJ attorney scandal and the fact that Harriet Miers (remember her? hence the avatar) and Gonzalez wouldn’t show up for their subopoenas, and also obsessed with all those blond Republican bitches who fired people for being gay and shit, like Sara Taylor et al, and how they would hire people from shit Christian law schools like Regent and Liberty and turn down Harvard grads for working at the ACLU. It was a convoluted in joke for wonky lawyer types. NERD ALERT. And now it is totally irrelevant, but I’m too lazy to change it.

  11. May Says:

    Mine is the title of my fave Cat Stevens song.

  12. DangerMouseLiz Says:

    I originally started with my initials, which I quickly realized was a BAD. IDEA. because it’s pretty easy to figure out what I do for people who do what I do… and there aren’t many people who do what I do.

    Thus, I changed it to DangerMouse–a cartoon character and an artist. Nothing to do with those, everything to do with my BFF randomly calling me that for no clear reason back in the day. Now, she can identify me if she chooses, but nobody else knows.

  13. Blondegrlz Says:

    Blondegrlz was my AOL screen name since the 7th grade. I shared it with my sister (we are blonde girls) for a few years until the rest of the world got the internet, then made her get a new name. I’m just too incredibly lazy to think of or remember any other fake names, so I use it for everything.

  14. katie.scarlett.o'hara Says:

    I had just finished reading Gone With the Wind when I decided to start commenting and I was just a leeetle bit obsessed, I guess.

  15. CollegeBookworm Says:

    I’ve used some reference to being a bookworm in every screen name I’ve ever had. CollegeBookworm originated when I joined Jezebel. The screen name I was using at the time involved part of my last name, and I didn’t want to use that on Jez, and it was October of my freshman year of college. Hence, CollegeBookworm. I’m now starting to use that as my standard screen name across the internet, especially because it’s hard to google stalk- you get a ton of results for “college bookworm” but it isn’t me specifically.

  16. John (aspiringexpatriate) Says:

    Self-explanatory I think…

  17. Dione (TakeADeepBreath) Says:

    Im always stressed out and have major anxiety issues, so my SN is a little mantra for myself and others.

  18. linnyt Says:

    well linnyt is better than what my dad calls me: linny-poo

  19. lez lemon Says:

    Mine is also blatantly ripped off from 30 Rock, but I’m not sure if it’s immediately apparent… It’s from once episode where Liz get’s her name put up on the jumbotron at a sports game, but they spell it “Lez Lemon” instead of “Liz Lemon.” That shit STILL cracks me up.
    ps. I love the blog Penny!
    pps. I used to see your comments on Jezebel with the George Harrison pic and ever since you’ve changed it I’ve had a really hard time picturing you without a mustache. Weird, I know.

  20. rosasparks Says:

    My real name is Lesley.

    My roller derby name is rosa sparks. (retired, mind you…)

    There you have it.

  21. pennyplastic Says:

    FINALLY you comment on my blog, L!

  22. allisonwrote Says:

    I was puppyciao for awhile because I liked the way it sounded, but then I awoke one morning with the stroke of genius that is angelina jolie-laide. (Not really. I don’t even LIKE Angelina Jolie. But I liked the pun.)


  23. hatepaperdoll Says:

    I wanted to pick a song name, and Hate Paper Doll by Husker Du was the first one that came up on my ipod that sounded good, screen name wise.
    I should have just gone with the first song that came up, which was probably something like the Thunderpussy re-mix of “It’s Not Right, But It’s OK”, but, sadly, I’m too much of a snob (read: wimp) to flaunt my occasionally regrettable musical choices.

    Love the blog, Penny, I spend all afternoon yesterday reading the archives (boss was off sick).

  24. frugal Says:

    I am just forced to be such a cheapskate in this economy, and am really enjoying being frugal. I was thinking about blogging about making things cheaply and MacGuyvering in general – and that’s why I am here reading you! Nice sketch, too.

  25. Tara Incognita Says:

    Well, I’m a latin nerd. “Terra Incognita” is funny to me. And I had a manager when I waited tables at Bennigan’s in high school who called me that because he kept trying to pronounce my first name the wrong way…he made the “Tar” part rhyme with “car” and it helped him.

  26. Unpossible Says:

    I’ve played with mine quite a bit – I’ve been AuroraVox –> OrianaVox –> Oriana –> Unpossible. The “Vox” part was about being a lifelong singer, Oriana was for the princess from the Felix the Cat movie, and I honestly can’t remember where Aurora came from. Anyway, I got tired of being all complicated and decided I wanted a memorable, one-word name. It’s from one of my favorite Ralph Wiggum quotes* (although my favorite is probably “Hi Principle Skinner! Hi SuperNintendo Chalmers!”), and I was and English major, so it’s funny. Also, it’s a little bit self-deprecating/empowering depending on how you look at it, which I like.

    *”Me fail English? That’s unpossible!” – Ralph Wiggum

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