Net-A-Porter Asks Me To “Shop The New 80’s” – I Say, “If You Insist”

I have a love-hate thing for Net-a-Porter, that evil luxury web retailer who lures me in with beautiful designer clothes and teases me with fantastic sales. For the record, I HAVE shopped the site before (I’m in debt for a reason, after all) and, if you can afford it, I highly recommend their sales.

I received an email this morning asking me to “shop the new 80’s.” The 80’s were bad enough for fashion the first time around. Granted, I was age 1-10 during the 80’s, but I’ve seen enough photographs and movies to make this claim with complete confidence. That said, I enjoyed some of the 80’s revivals seen on the spring and fall runways, and I figured I could pull a few pieces worthy of 2009.

From the site’s edited picks:

I’m blazer-obsessed, and I would love a white blazer. I know, it’s a bit Miami Vice, but I like it. And McCartney is known for her brilliant tailoring when it comes to suiting. Stella McCartney blazer, $1,795.

I love heels, I love them high, and I love them loud. These super bright stilettos would be awesome with jeans and a white tee-shirt, or paired with a great black dress. I WANT THEM. Alexander McQueen patent platform pumps, $860.

I’m loving the floaty skirt paired with the leather bodice. I also love that it’s short. Kova & T one-shoulder dress, $510.

I adored this dress on the runway and when Gwyneth wore it. This is one of the few sweetheart necklines, a huge trend for spring, that I actually liked. Stella McCartney dress, $2,595.

I decided to pick a few items of my own that I felt represented the “new 80’s.” Items that I would wear, that is.

A skinny pair of jeans that hit at the ankle are a must, and the zipper adds a screaming 80’s element. Stella McCartney ankle zip jeans, $325.

I am loving this metallic-treated bomber jacket; it’s totally updated Top Gun. Rick Owens jacket, $2,500.

Throwing some neon into the mix, this Marni suede bag is HOT. Marni suede frame bag, $1,090.

The cork sole on this shoe made me think of a updated Candie’s mule. Pedro Garcia leather sandals, $475.

Normally I would not be attracted to this dress (too loud), but I found myself oddly drawn to it. I love the color, it hints at neutral red/navy blue and it would be cute alone or paired with jeans. MCQ dress, $415.

I tend to like my jewelry big or dainty – kind of how I like my shoes flat or sky-high. This necklace feels bad-ass, I love it. ACB tiered fringe necklace, $300.

Another McCartney blazer, this one extra long with cool, elongated lapels. Stella McCartney silk blazer, $2.055.

This reminded me of a Lite-Brite. Remember those? See by Chloé bag, $640.

All Images: Net-a-Porter


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6 Responses to “Net-A-Porter Asks Me To “Shop The New 80’s” – I Say, “If You Insist””

  1. hatepaperdoll Says:

    I like that Chole bag so much I think I might cry. And it’s really the only one out of all these thing I can’t imagine working (more or less) as a knock off. Why bag gods, why?

  2. John (aspiringexpatriate) Says:

    Come on, the 80s fashions rocked. Look at the Early 90s Vogues of rollerbladers and spandex. What we think of as 80s fashion is really 90s fashion: flannel and spandex. That was a horrible half-decade. The 80s were democratizing Glam-couture from the 70s. Sure there were mistakes, but overall it was a great decade.

  3. JessMess Says:

    I love Net-A-Porter! I go there occasionally to browse their sales, but always talk myself out of them. The only thing I’ve purchased from them has been a pair of Sass & Bide jeans which I LOVE. Here’s to more sales *Cheers!*

  4. Jess Says:

    I love both of those dresses. They are gorgeous! Its post is very fitting as I just went to an 80’s prom theme night at my favorite bar/club. It was awesome. So Im all about the 80s right now

  5. Melissa (Athertonmerriweather) Says:

    Old Navy is selling a dress similar to the MCQ. Obviously it’s got nothing on the real thing, but it’s kind of a trend piece anyway and probably not worth the splurge…at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

  6. JDRegent Says:

    Ok, I WOKE UP today thinking about a long lapelled blazer. too bad I gave up clothes buying for lent! Not even thrift shops! Damn you penny!

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