Plastic Programming

Hey folks.  I have decided to finally obtain a host for my blog, which I just did on a complete whim – because that’s generally how I do things.

I have NO idea what I am doing, so if the blog starts acting wonky – just remember that I am behind the curtain trying to figure things out.

You will likely see some layout and content changes in the coming days as well.

Wish me luck!!



9 Responses to “Plastic Programming”

  1. Claudia (Bluebears) Says:

    good luck*!

    * I must admit I have no idea what this actually means :)

  2. pennyplastic Says:

    Claudia, neither do I. I am going to need a LOT of wine, Google and IMing with my more tech-savvy friends friends to get through this….

  3. Claudia (Bluebears) Says:

    the internets! so mysterious.

  4. pennyplastic Says:

    I’ve totally already given up and started watching Lost. I might need to hire someone….

  5. Claudia (Bluebears) Says:

    Sometimes a break clears your head in technological matters. also, xan.

  6. elizabeth Says:

    As someone who is ecstatic over the fact that she just successfully Photoshopped an errant item out of one of her photos, I feel your pain in tackling these bigger issues. :-)

  7. Drew Says:

    I’ve got my WordPress installed on GoDaddy. Hit me up if you have any questions.

    Although you can probably find WordPress “approved” hosts that will allow for very easy transitions vs. GoDaddy, which might have you neck deep in techno-mumbo-jumbo.

  8. pennyplastic Says:

    Drew….I need you! Hopefully you are on IM this weekend.

  9. pennyplastic Says:

    Claudia, xan would put me under the DESK.

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