Sharing Is Caring

I had to share what I am working on with all of you, because I am quite proud of it! I’ve been working on concepts for Mother’s Day posters this week, and I was inspired by the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

I didn’t bother pulling Pantone chips for the color, so it’s fairly bright as I just worked with a basic palette. I decided to split out the warmer and cooler palettes into either poster, and I created the art and elements of the type myself, which is quite something considering that I am awful at Illustrator. Our graphic designer will make it look A LOT better.

I am really hoping we’ll move forward with this concept, as I think it will read well for Spring. Magazine cover inspiration and mock-ups below!


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7 Responses to “Sharing Is Caring”

  1. Kraken Mosaics Says:

    Saw your post on WordPress tag surfer…

    I love that Martha Stewart cover! It rocks. So colorful. Your design is very similar.

  2. Jess Says:

    I love your design. Specially love the colors

  3. lizbang Says:

    My love for Martha knows no bounds, I love what you’re doing here.

  4. nenasadije Says:

    can you make one that says “grammie”? that’s all i got.

  5. Carly Says:

    Damn girl. Absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Annie Says:

    love the colors! and the layout.
    I am into bold colors right now too.
    check out my last design

  7. Kim O. Says:

    Gah-geous! Really great work, Penny!

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