Top Chef Finale – My Thoughts

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David and I watched the Top Chef finale tonight.  We got rid of cable so we customarily watch it a night late.

I am, in a word……irritated.  First of all, Casey?  She sucks.  It wasn’t her challenge, and she totally overwhelemed Carla.  Partly Carla’s fault, sure, but I got some SERIOUS bad vibes from Casey.

Hosea?  He also sucks.  He’s been a whiny bitch for the entire season.  And what really sent me over the edge was his comment to Carla while they were awaiting the results, about making his “own food.”

Way to rub it in, asshole.

Stefan?  You know….he’s a jerk, but he TRIES to be a jerk, and he knows it.  There’s something endearing about that.  I can tell he’s actually a good guy.

So, yeah…..I’m pissed that Hosea won.


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7 Responses to “Top Chef Finale – My Thoughts”

  1. MadrasSoup Says:

    That’s a good way of putting it, that Stefan tries to be a jerk. Because it does seem that at bottom, he’s a good guy. It was he, and not Hosea, who went to comfort Carla when she was melting down at Judge’s Table. And that’s the second time Hosea pulled that passive-aggressive bs, because he did something similar to Stefan last week. I think I hate him more than Ilan.

  2. Jess Says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet but I heard earlier about Hosea winning and I was not happy. I would have preferred to see Carla win. I know its cliche but it would be nice to see a talented woman win this show.

  3. thingsiadore Says:

    I’m glad you caught that “own food” comment as well. What an asshole. I was definitely pleasantly surprised to see a more caring side from Stefan. In addition to him trying to be a jerk, I think he was definitely edited to accentuate his cockiness. Reality shows always rely on someone being painted as the villain and Stefan seemed pretty willing to take on that role. I’ll bet he’s not that bad of a guy in person. I was really pulling for Carla. I’m not surprised Casey screwed her over–remember when Casey totally bombed her own finale?

    I think it is time that they start factoring some kind of cumulative points into the judging. There needs to be a better way of acknowledging past achievements and challenge wins. Not every night is going to be a chef’s best night, but a chef who has repeatedly given you meals that you enjoy and that feel inspired is more of a Top Chef than someone who has been kind of middle of the road but just manages not to screw up too much at the end.

  4. Carly Says:

    I was sooooooooo irritated with this episode… I am still a bit bewildered that Hosea made it to the finale at all…. I was totally rooting for Jeff to win that 2nd to last challenge for the upset.

    And I’m with you on the Casey debacle. If only Carla had put her in her place… but that’s not the kind of person she is, for better or for worse. You could even tell the judges were disapointed to have to give it to Hosea, but both of the stronger contenders had big mistakes with their final meals… you could argue that they also took bigger risks. I’d definitely pick Stefan or Carla over Hosea any day. I would love to eat at either of the restaurants. They both just had passion about their food. Hosea is just so…. eh… vanilla.

    Carla is Top Chef in my heart :)

  5. mllejanine Says:

    I’m still not prepared to talk about this finale. Oh and Casey? Totally trashed Carla to Side Dish:


  6. pennyplastic Says:

    MJ – Yeah, I saw that. And, exactly…..classy.

  7. encnyc Says:

    I so love Carla. The whole Casey debacle was, just that, a debacle. Thankfully, Casey says now that she is done with Top Chef. I just wish she had made that decision before they brought her on this season. You could find lovable sides to Stefan throughout, with his friendship/dedication to Fabio, and his nice-guy leanings. Especially at the end with Carla. I agree, anyone but Hosea (not all season, but final three, fer shure). Hootie-hoo!!!

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