If You Could Only Buy One Thing This Spring, What Would It Be?

I was just flipping through the current issue of Lucky magazine, and the editors were asked this question – what WOULD they get for Spring, if they could only buy one thing?  They answered with the following:

  • London Sole snakeskin ballet flats
  • The perfect trench
  • Slouch slate gray trousers (like the ones shown in the Spring Gap presentation)
  • Clubmaster sunglasses
  • A wispy floral tank

Normally this is a question I would answer, knowing full well that I would buy whatever the hell I wanted, one item be damned.  However, given my financial goals and budget, it might be a good idea to choose one key item for the Spring.

I wouldn’t even know what to pick! I have plenty of shoes, I suppose I am good on tops and blazers/cardigans/jackets, so I am thinking a great pair of pants might be the place to start.  But….pants?  That sounds so boring.  I’ve already decided what I love for Spring, how could I ever choose?

What about you?  Have you started thinking about what you want for Spring?  Have you made a list?  Are you on a shopping budget?  Is there a particular item or items you’ve already got your eye on?


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7 Responses to “If You Could Only Buy One Thing This Spring, What Would It Be?”

  1. Blondegrlz Says:

    Shoes. I ordered a pair of flat strappy metallic sandals last week in the hopes that some day it will be warm enough to wear them. Since I have no idea what size I’ll be after this baby I won’t be buying any cute new clothes until at least June – thank god for empire waists and sundresses.

  2. madewell Says:

    I would buy the J.Crew Printed silk chiffon Whitney long dress in Bright Sun. (Item 11441) I’ve loved it since I first saw it a few months ago…

  3. lizbang Says:

    I’m focusing on scarves for spring. I mix and match my scarves with v-neck tees to make new outfits. I know that isn’t one thing, but that’s my big spring spend. Many, many scarves.

  4. encnyc Says:

    Food. And hopefully, shelter. And if I get a third wish, peace of mind.

  5. delicatetbone Says:

    Nine west actually has some cute faux snakeskin ballet flats that might work for your look and your budget.

    I’ve talked a bit about this on jez, but as a size 16/18 woman, I’m constantly unable to buy a specific item from a look that I want because it’s unavailable in my size, so I’ve become very used to buying looks that are similar, but not exact. I think it tends to work out ok.

    I’ve got a running list of things I want to get. I had a tano bag on my wish list, but the one i wanted sold out on the site i was planning on buying it from. Today I’m on the hunt for some new dress pants for work that are long enough for me….ny&co here i come.

  6. JD Regent Says:

    I am pretty sure my spring and summer shoe collection needs some serious updating, but shopping for shoes for me is the equivalent of bathing suit shopping for other women. My feet are seriously messed up and I can only comfortably wear what amount to orthopedic shoes but a combination of vanity and cheapness keeps me ricocheting between cheap, uncomfortable, trend knockoffs and expensive, last forever, ugly as sin danskos. I need to invest in two pairs of shoes for summer — a pair in blue and a pair in brown — that I can wear with skirts or pants at the office but hopefully cute enough to wear on the weekends too. Maybe wedges? I think the toes need to be covered. I’m hesitant to even internet browse. Would love suggestions!

    But I still have to wait until after Easter to buy since I gave up shopping for Lent.

  7. JD Regent Says:

    Of course I am also jonesing for a pair of high black platform shoes I can wear with ankle socks and skirts, inspired by one of the designer posts you did earlier, but I totally don’t need them and can’t justify buying them. Right??? I realize I am already at three items for spring now. Sigh.

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