Meet Penny

Hello, my name is Penny.

I started this blog so I could talk about money, debt repayment and generally bitch about budgeting.  It quickly evolved into a forum where any discussion topic flies so long as I find it interesting.  Although I do try to maintain some focus around my finances.

A few things about Penny…

Penny wants to name her kids after Beatles songs.

Penny LOVES baked potatoes. And mashed potatoes. And french fries.

Penny’s cats scratch the floor next to their scratching post.

Penny loves Miss Kittin.

Penny greatly enjoys Pot Psychology. Especially when she’s stoned.

Penny often drinks wine before 11am. But only on the weekends.

Penny owns every season of Golden Girls on DVD.

Penny loves her parents.

Penny drinks a lot of wine. And likes to fuck around in Photoshop.


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