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For Your Consideration – Some Awesome (And Some Sexist) Art Direction

February 25, 2009

Confession time.  I am not an AD by profession but I sometimes think that I’d like to be.  I’ve had some opportunities to art direct a bit at work, and I love it.  As my boss and I like to say, “we have ideas.”

He and I spent hours today buried in stacks of Communication Arts issues, and I pulled a few things to share with all of you.

First up, PSAs.


Print Ad

Penny: In case any of us do, in fact, forget that the majority of women forced into prostitution are not women at all.

Art Directors: Héctor Buscaglia, Margie Canales; Creative Director: Jamie Rosado; Photographer: Pascal Fontana

Client: Amnesty  International

Print Ad

Copy: Nutrition Facts, Obesity will soon replace, smoking as Canada’s, number one problem.  Think before you eat.

Art Directors: Brad Connell, Kelsey Horne; Writer/Creative Director: Mike Meadus; Photographer: Ken Woo

Client: Dietitians of Canada

Television Ad

Penny: Brilliant, haunting.


(Filmed against a black background, in a very sensual ambiance, a number of couples, both homosexual and heterosexual, are making love.  Cut to a woman in a free fall crosses the screen from top to bottom.  Cut to the couples making love.  Cut to a man’s inanimated body fall heavily upon a pile of motionless bodies.  Cut to group shots of all the couples making love.  They are all making love in the same space, crammed up against one another.  The camera gradually zooms out to reveal that the couples are all squeezed into a giant hourglass, the couples are making love, while underneath, the others are all dead.  One of the people then passes through the funnel of the hourglass, and falls dead upon the other bodies.  Followed by another body, and then another…)

Super: Every ten seconds, someone in the world dies of AIDS.  Time is running out, please send your donations today.  Sidaction: United against AIDS.

Art Directors: Edward Capelle, Stephane Santana; Creative Director: Stephan Ferens; Editor: Vincent Merchand; Director: Dimitri Daniloff

Client: Sidaction



Penny: I love this concept!

Creative Director: Dino Paul

Client: Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center


Print Ad

Penny: One of the best ads I have seen in a long time.

Art Directors: Chris Chiu, Alex Lim Thye Aun

Client: Procter & Gamble, Singapore

Print Ad

Creative Director: Carol Henderson; Writer: Eric Sorenson

Client: Fizzy Lizzy

Print Ad

Penny: Trees are a HUGE source of inspiration for me, and I absolutely love these ads.

Art Director: Jennifer Perry

Client: Reckitt Benckiser

Print Ads

Penny: Being a Northern Californian, and being a woman….I love these.

Art Directors: Philip Borchardt, Phil Covitz, Amy Ferguson, Jason Stefanik, Megan Williams, Matthew Woodhams-Roberts

Client: Absolut


Editorial Photography

“Something Funny Down on the Pharm”

This story had to do with the growing of crops specifically for use for making medicines.  To assemble the pill cob, I had to find  hundreds of prescription pills, all of which were expired and left in the medicine cabinets of family and friends.”

Art Director: Hylah Hill; Design Director: Dirk Barnett

Client: Popular Science


I am constantly overcome by how often and readily women’s bodies are objectified in consumer advertising, so much more so than male bodies.  Of note, both the examples I chose were art directed by men.  This is not uncommon, at all.


Penny: I love Target, and I usually like their advertising, but could you see this corkscrew reversed and used to depict a man’s balls?  I thought not.

Print Ad

Penny: This is a print ad for a Canadian gourmet market, called Porky’s.  I know…..

All Images: Communicaton Arts


Daily Inspiration

February 9, 2009

What’s inspiring me today.

Vintage Lord & Taylor advertisements.

I had to share these ads, as I pulled them from a fashion book last year for window concepting at work.  Our graphic designer blew them up to poster size and although we didn’t land on using them, I got to take them home.  They are now framed in our living room.  You all know how much I love free art!  And, these are not in print so they’re totally unique.  And, I must say, totally me.

Sharing Is Caring

February 8, 2009

Working on my portfolio and I thought I’d just share as I just got a scanner and it’s the first sketch I’ve uploaded.

Image: Penny

Plastic Decorating – Treat Greeting Cards As Art

January 30, 2009

At work yesterday I scored a huge stack of cards, including a bunch New Yorker cover cards.  I am planning on creating a cluster of framed cards on a wall somewhere in the house, because I LOVE New Yorker cover art.

If you find yourself with bare walls, framing cards is a great way to get some art onto a surface without spending much money.  You can create a cluster of frames, mix some smaller frames with larger framed art, or fill a small horizontal or vertical space.

In our bathroom, I hung two framed 7 x 7 inch silk screened cards by Tall Cow, one of my favorite card companies.  I bought some frames at IKEA and mounted the cards on top of the mat.  All together it probably cost me 20 bucks.

Daily Inspiration

January 22, 2009

What’s inspiring me today.

Pascal Blanchet.

Images: Pascal Blanchet via D&Q

I’m on a bit of an art kick this week.  Pascal Blanchet’s illustrations are way cool; retro and graphic.  You can explore him and other artists, as well as purchase art, on the Drawn & Quarterly website.

Daily Inspiration

January 21, 2009

What’s inspiring me today.

Saul Bass.

I’ve only know of Saul Bass by name for about a year, but I’ve been familiar with his art and pioneering graphic style for quite some time.

Last spring, my boss and I were holed up in a conference room brainstorming for a big project at work.

“I want it to feel like super kooky and graphic, like the lead-in to Charade or Vertigo or something,” I said, hoping we’d connect and he’d know exactly what I was talking about it.

He did, and I was off to the Internet to research and hunt down what I was after. And that, my friends, is how I discovered the great Saul Bass.

Daily Inspiration

January 1, 2009

What’s inspiring me today.

Garance Doré.

I love fashion illustration, so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon Doré’s website.  She chronicles her time living in France, taking pictures of stylish people on the streets of Paris and shares her illustrations and thoughts on fashion.  It’s a gem of a blog, and one of my new favorites!

Image: Garance Doré

Discovery: Peter Callesen

December 29, 2008

While doing some research for work, I stumbled upon this artist’s web portfolio and was completely swept away by the beauty, darkness and whimsy of his work.  Not to mention the incredible skill required to create his intricate and delicate pieces using paper.

Callesen works with various media but his pieces using paper (and not much else) are my favorite.  They are, simply put, incredible.  There’s a lot to see on his website, and I highly recommend you check it out.  Below is a little taste of his work, some framed A4 papercut pieces.

The Core Of Everything, 2006; Image: Peter Callesen

Holding On To Myself, 2006; Image: Peter Callesen