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Sharing Is Caring

February 26, 2009

I had to share what I am working on with all of you, because I am quite proud of it! I’ve been working on concepts for Mother’s Day posters this week, and I was inspired by the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

I didn’t bother pulling Pantone chips for the color, so it’s fairly bright as I just worked with a basic palette. I decided to split out the warmer and cooler palettes into either poster, and I created the art and elements of the type myself, which is quite something considering that I am awful at Illustrator. Our graphic designer will make it look A LOT better.

I am really hoping we’ll move forward with this concept, as I think it will read well for Spring. Magazine cover inspiration and mock-ups below!


For Your Consideration – Some Awesome (And Some Sexist) Art Direction

February 25, 2009

Confession time.  I am not an AD by profession but I sometimes think that I’d like to be.  I’ve had some opportunities to art direct a bit at work, and I love it.  As my boss and I like to say, “we have ideas.”

He and I spent hours today buried in stacks of Communication Arts issues, and I pulled a few things to share with all of you.

First up, PSAs.


Print Ad

Penny: In case any of us do, in fact, forget that the majority of women forced into prostitution are not women at all.

Art Directors: Héctor Buscaglia, Margie Canales; Creative Director: Jamie Rosado; Photographer: Pascal Fontana

Client: Amnesty  International

Print Ad

Copy: Nutrition Facts, Obesity will soon replace, smoking as Canada’s, number one problem.  Think before you eat.

Art Directors: Brad Connell, Kelsey Horne; Writer/Creative Director: Mike Meadus; Photographer: Ken Woo

Client: Dietitians of Canada

Television Ad

Penny: Brilliant, haunting.


(Filmed against a black background, in a very sensual ambiance, a number of couples, both homosexual and heterosexual, are making love.  Cut to a woman in a free fall crosses the screen from top to bottom.  Cut to the couples making love.  Cut to a man’s inanimated body fall heavily upon a pile of motionless bodies.  Cut to group shots of all the couples making love.  They are all making love in the same space, crammed up against one another.  The camera gradually zooms out to reveal that the couples are all squeezed into a giant hourglass, the couples are making love, while underneath, the others are all dead.  One of the people then passes through the funnel of the hourglass, and falls dead upon the other bodies.  Followed by another body, and then another…)

Super: Every ten seconds, someone in the world dies of AIDS.  Time is running out, please send your donations today.  Sidaction: United against AIDS.

Art Directors: Edward Capelle, Stephane Santana; Creative Director: Stephan Ferens; Editor: Vincent Merchand; Director: Dimitri Daniloff

Client: Sidaction



Penny: I love this concept!

Creative Director: Dino Paul

Client: Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center


Print Ad

Penny: One of the best ads I have seen in a long time.

Art Directors: Chris Chiu, Alex Lim Thye Aun

Client: Procter & Gamble, Singapore

Print Ad

Creative Director: Carol Henderson; Writer: Eric Sorenson

Client: Fizzy Lizzy

Print Ad

Penny: Trees are a HUGE source of inspiration for me, and I absolutely love these ads.

Art Director: Jennifer Perry

Client: Reckitt Benckiser

Print Ads

Penny: Being a Northern Californian, and being a woman….I love these.

Art Directors: Philip Borchardt, Phil Covitz, Amy Ferguson, Jason Stefanik, Megan Williams, Matthew Woodhams-Roberts

Client: Absolut


Editorial Photography

“Something Funny Down on the Pharm”

This story had to do with the growing of crops specifically for use for making medicines.  To assemble the pill cob, I had to find  hundreds of prescription pills, all of which were expired and left in the medicine cabinets of family and friends.”

Art Director: Hylah Hill; Design Director: Dirk Barnett

Client: Popular Science


I am constantly overcome by how often and readily women’s bodies are objectified in consumer advertising, so much more so than male bodies.  Of note, both the examples I chose were art directed by men.  This is not uncommon, at all.


Penny: I love Target, and I usually like their advertising, but could you see this corkscrew reversed and used to depict a man’s balls?  I thought not.

Print Ad

Penny: This is a print ad for a Canadian gourmet market, called Porky’s.  I know…..

All Images: Communicaton Arts

My Favorite Free Online Portfolio Websites

February 8, 2009

As I am feeling the need to update my resume and portfolio, I thought I might take the opportunity to share some of my favorite websites that offer free online portfolio services.

Behance Network

The Behance Network is probably my favorite for portfolio creation and networking with other creatives.  This is a site where I can upload some of my work that I would never share while job-hunting (photography, sketches).  It’s a beautiful site with tons of resources and amazing artists/designers.


I love Carbonmade for its simplicity.  The main landing page is a bit cutesy, but portfolio creation is a snap and the layouts/navigation are simple and nice looking.  I usually direct potential employers to my portfolio on this site as it’s so easy to nagivate and allows them to focus on the work.


Like Behance, design:related is community focused, with some great resources and networking.  My favorite feature of this site is that they allow you to upload your “inspirations.”


Simple in the vein of Carbonmade but with more to offer, I think that Coroflot may be the next site I experiement with.  I love the layout and they have a GREAT employer directory.

Style Portfolios

This is the best fashion-specific portfolio site that I have found.  And while I don’t work in apparel, Style Portfolios is the only website that offers a specific section for visual merchandising!  I love that I can look at what other visual people are putting out there for potential employers.

Creative Hotlist Portfolios

Creative Hotlist is an excellent resource for design jobs (loads of art direction, graphics and web jobs) and their portfolio section makes it easy to submit work when you are applying for jobs through the site.

Say It With Food-Themed Val Cards From Etsy

February 7, 2009

The Kitchn went on the hunt for food-themed Valentine’s Day cards at Etsy.  Below are some of my favorites.

Seller jujuisgoodluck (LOVE that Etsy name)

Seller uccellocurioso

Seller Earmark

Daily Inspiration

January 23, 2009

What’s inspiring me today.

Concept Boards.

Photo: Penny

Seriously?  I could sit at an expansive table and work on concept (mood – whatever you’d like to call them) boards all day, every day.  I love it.  Recently my work has been overrun with more relatively mundane tasks; lots of working in the studio and writing, not as much art directing.  I miss it, a lot.  I never throw a concept board away – they’re treasures!

Last year I worked on a little freelance project (logo design and a bit of branding) for a friend who’s starting up a childrens clothing line, I could see the look of surprise on her face when I showed up to meet her carrying two large black boards.  “Wow, this is thorough!” she said.  But, when we dove into discussing her new brand, the usefulness of the boards became apparent.

They’re a great medium for kicking off for discussion, they allow an individual to easily articulate a “mood” or “feel” they are after, and you can represent a bit of everything – color, fabrication, photography, text/font, etc.

When I work on concept boards, I feel like I am in a college design class.  And I love it.

Daily Inspiration

January 21, 2009

What’s inspiring me today.

Saul Bass.

I’ve only know of Saul Bass by name for about a year, but I’ve been familiar with his art and pioneering graphic style for quite some time.

Last spring, my boss and I were holed up in a conference room brainstorming for a big project at work.

“I want it to feel like super kooky and graphic, like the lead-in to Charade or Vertigo or something,” I said, hoping we’d connect and he’d know exactly what I was talking about it.

He did, and I was off to the Internet to research and hunt down what I was after. And that, my friends, is how I discovered the great Saul Bass.