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My Dilemma – Far Flung Friends & No Money

February 5, 2009

Penny & S, Photo: Carly

Right, so I live in Sacramento. It’s….fine. There are worse places to be, of course. David and I live in a super cute highwater craftsman in a nice neighborhood near downtown, our parents are both close by, the weather is mild. I could deal with living here for a few more years, if my friends hadn’t all left.

I do still have friends around, but my BEST GIRLS are gone. And, I need The Girls to feel complete.

Carly moved to Boston two and a half years ago for grad school and now works as a writer in the city.

S moved to NYC in the summer of 2008 for med school.

L moved to Phoenix 4 years ago and STILL hasn’t returned. She can’t like it there that much!

H currently lives in Philly, although she’s from NYC. But she gets a pass because we met in California while she was here for college.

So my problem is this, we talk on the phone, we IM, we email, we sometimes send love notes…..but we don’t see each other nearly enough. Conversations with these four friends nearly always evolve into plan-hatching; vacations and visits. Where we might meet up (last year it was Palm Springs), when I can make it to see one or more of them (NYC to see S & H last October) or visa versa and how on Earth we will find the money to do so.

Even now, I am talking with H in G-Chat about going to Hawaii this fall to stay with her best friend, and Carly wants me to visit Boston in July (when I have to take a week off of work – forced), which would be so fun!

So then, friendships are important, but what’s a girl on a budget to do?


When Opposites Attract

January 28, 2009

I have this friend, we’ll call her Chimay (she likes Belgian beer). Chimay and I met in London back in 2002, where we were both in the same study abroad program. We didn’t become friends, however, until we were back home in the states. While abroad she was too busy doing drugs and hitting the clubs and I was too busy shopping and chasing after a very unavailable guy in our program.

Back home she ended up at my house for Thanksgiving. I really can’t remember what chain of events led to this. We had friends in common, and at some point, we fell in love.

Chimay is weird, and she wouldn’t mind me telling you so. Because she knows anyone worth knowing likes weird people. She’s also really beautiful, funny as shit and has awesome taste in music. We’re unlikely friends, but we’re soulmates.

We always seemed to want to do the same things at the same time. Stay in with frozen pizza, bagged salad, cheap wine and John Waters movies? Done. Buy stacks of magazines to read at the Hard Rock bar while drinking lemon drops and eating potato skins? Of course! Score some blow and go to our favorite club? Need you ask?

Chimay moved to Arizona a few years ago and I’ve been pissed at her ever since. We don’t see each other nearly enough, although we talk about it a lot. We go for months without speaking when I will receive a text that says, “I miss you, call me you fucking whore.”

I’m dedicating this post to her, because I love her dearly and miss her terribly. She’s a writer and I am hoping I can manipulate her into contributing to this blog someday soon.

So, I will leave you this this song, which I’ve caught her dancing to in front of her mirror more than once.