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F/W 2009 RTW – Twenty8Twelve

February 23, 2009

I took a break from the shows, as you can tell – and I missed some big ones (Philip Lim and Ralph Lauren, who showed a BEAUTIFUL collection, come to mind).  However, I’d like to take this opportunity to make a confession.

My friends, I am an unabashed Sienna Miller fan.

Love her.  Love the girl.  I think she’s cool, I think she’s beautiful, I love her style, I want to be her.

She and her sister showed their first runway show for their line Twenty8Twelve this season.  It was, by no means, the most spectactular show.  However, I have high hopes for this line.  I’ve seen some pieces in person and I have, by-in-large, liked what I have seen.

The show was fairly basic, but what I like about this collection is the attention paid to proportion, an often overlooked element of apparel design and styling.

All Photos: Style Dot Com

Also, if you have not seen Miller in the Steve Buscemi-directed Interview.  I beg of you, rent it.  It’s brilliant.


F/W 2009 RTW – Proenza Schouler

February 19, 2009

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez put out an incredible collection for fall; such a relief as I was somewhat let down by their spring 2008 offering.  They kicked off with some awesome camel coats in various lengths, segwaying into beautiful, trend-on layered tweed looks.  The oversized leather clutches the models carried were awesome.  Designers rarely give them bags such as these and you can see if even changed the way they walked – very downtown cool.  The dresses, turtleneck and off-shoulder, were simple but felt daring.  The whole collection felt like Proenza Schouler.  I predict that WWD chooses this as one of the top 10 collections of the season.

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F/W 2009 RTW – Tibi

February 18, 2009

Amy Smilovic put out a retail-ready, fun collection for fall.  I like checking shows such as hers out, because I actually OWN some Tibi.  Including a beautiful Mexican embroidery empire dress I got on sale and wore to a wedding last year (shown above).

I especially loved the separates in this collection.

Darling jacket, I am after a jacket with a modified funnel neck such as this.

Classic Tibi pattern and shape.

A version of what I wear 50% of the time.

Awesome for dancing.

A dressy version of what I wear 50% of the time.

It’s so Princess Bride!

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F/W 2009 RTW – Matthew Williamson

February 18, 2009

Williamson, who you may associate with beautiful, colorful summer wares, put out a gorgeous fall collection that may shape up to be one of my favorites. He easily infused color into a season that has been dour, to say the least. I finished taking in his collection feeling happy and inspired. The woven ombré coats are to die for, and fur-lovers will love the dip-dyed mufflers and generous coats. Cool striped knits and low-slung leather pants make for great basics, while Native American-inspired beading gave some pieces a folksy feel. His gorgeous kaleidoscope pattern mini dress and slinky ombré gown both wowed me in a big way.

At first glance I felt this coat was a big dowdy, but it would look awesome with great basics like jeans, a white t-shirt, and sky-high heels.

I adore the bag, and this look can be easily replicated for less.

Super sexy. I love the choice of color, and those shoes are a must have.

Another great bag. This dress would look equally cool with black tights and flats for winter.

My mother would love this.

Stunning fabric design and tailoring.

I love the sweet shape of this dress.

Too cool for words.

Another beautiful ombré coat done for evening.

Liquid goddess.

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F/W 2009 RTW – Rodarte

February 18, 2009

The silhouette was redundant, but each look wonderfully unique.  The collection had a bit of a Mad Max meets Balenciaga feel.  The crotch-skimming, leather-strap-wrapped boots in putty and black paired with short hems (there were no pants shown in this collection) will undoubtedly work for the Rodarte girl.  The palette was muted, with varying shades of matte, crinkled metallics and super-thick knits but the results were anything but boring.

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F/W 2009 RTW – Cynthia Rowley

February 17, 2009

I was left, upon taking in Rowley’s collection, wanting more. More details! The fabrics used for her lovely dresses are intriguing and I wish I had more information about how they were created. The collection was straight-forward and comprehensive, and I loved every bit of it. With the exception of the petal skirts, which I felt were too fanciful. The dresses are perfect for a woman needing to edit back her fall wardrobe, as they can easily transition from day to night. The separates were charming, especially the slouched trouser-style pencil skirts and skinny ankle-length pants paired with jewel-toned ballerina flats.

This wide belt makes for a perfect folksy element.

Some great dresses featured prints that mimic television static.

Comfy and sweet. A great look for traveling.

I am not certain if the flutter sleeves are a part of the dress, but I am liking the cut-out effect it’s creating.

These are some of my favorite shapes to wear, and I am hoping J Crew jumps on the jewel-toned flat trend.

Casual and chic. I love to see a pencil skirt with a bit of a masculine feel.

How easy would this be to throw on for dinner? Or even work? I love it.

F/W 2009 RTW – Donna Karan

February 17, 2009

Karan’s fall collection felt strong and structured.  Every coat and blazer was belted, lapels were huge and stiff, skirts were straight and conservatively hit at mid-calf.  It felt very grown-up.  I was largely underwhelmed, but I also feel that she’s captured the feeling of the times better than any other designer so far.  The collection was utilitarian and somber.  But I loved the beautiful simplicity of the one-shoulder black column dress.

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F/W 2009 RTW – Marc Jacobs

February 17, 2009

Marc Jacobs went literal for fall – 80’s revived for our latest Recession Age. And he was not subtle; big shoulders, crimped and teased hair, stonewashed jeans, pleats and tapered legs, crushed velvet, neon color, the list goes on and on. There’s a lot to like in this collection (the lovely capes, long gloves and beautiful coats), but as is often the case with Jacobs, it takes some editing. The majority of the collection is a hipster’s wet dream, if she can afford it. But, why would she bother splurging when she can hit the local thrift store?

I love the silhouette, but you can achieve this by stealing one of your dad’s old Land’s End wool sweaters and cutting a slit in the neckline.

I’m dying to see this dress close up.

I’m loving everything about this look. I will be needing those metallic gold gloves, and I think my best friend in the 4th grade owned that jacket.

While I am not crazy about the fabric (too heavy), I find this dress to be fun! I can see an adventurous actress wearing it to a film premier.

Amplified shoulders done right.

This cape is a perfect example of why Jacobs has such broad appeal. I could see a girl of 19 or woman of 60 wearing this.

Possibly my favorite look from the show. I will be hunting for a similar dress this spring that I can carry into fall. I love it all, even the hair and makeup.

I am a big fan of statement coats. This does not disappoint.

I enjoyed the bandage dresses, the coat is fabulous and the purse to die for. The tights however…..

His dresses that closed the show brought him dangerously close to era-themed caricature.

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F/W 2009 RTW – Thakoon

February 16, 2009

Absolutely lovely!  Not to use an over-worn cliché, but it’s very Audrey Hepburn for the modern age.

All Photos: Coutorture

F/W 2009 RTW – Carolina Herrera

February 16, 2009

Herrera’s fall collection walked the line between subdued and rich, without venturing too far to either side.  She’s known for romance, pretty clothes and straight-up class, and none of these qualities were lacking in this collection.  There was less embellishment and more complex fabrications, with earth and jeweled tones dominating.  Gorgeous lamé, high-contrast jacquard and awesome monochromatic layering were the highlights.

All Photos: Style Dot Com