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February 28, 2009

I wrote about Rihanna’s assault a few weeks back and now it seems she’s decided to get back together with Brown.  This is something I’ve been worried about, because I knew the judgments against her would fly, and it would make me sick.  I, in no way, will defend Brown’s actions.  Nor will I assert whether he can or cannot change.  The issue for me is how people are projecting their expectations and judgments on her.  And why?  I honestly cannot understand what she owes any of us.  Do we think if she stays away from Brown it will send the “right” message?  And if she gets back together with her it will be the opposite?  Who will these potential messages reach?  Why is it her responsibility?

Dumping on a young woman who was assaulted for making her own choices is low, period.


Laurie, Why You Gotta Do This To Me?

February 4, 2009

Banner: Despair Dot Com

That shirt busts me up.*

So, I am way behind on this, but apparently Christian Bale lost his shit? I must confess, I only got through about 30 seconds of the recording. I’ve been in love with Bale since Little Women. Damn, I wanted to do dirty, dirty things to him in that movie.

I especially enjoy how he swaps between an American and English (Welsh?) accent.

Now, I won’t lie. I like assholes. More than I should. But, I think I prefer Bale when he has his timid Laurie hat on.

* I was totally going to order that shirt, but there’s like a $19 minimum, and the shirt is $18.  I HATE that shit.