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February 28, 2009

I wrote about Rihanna’s assault a few weeks back and now it seems she’s decided to get back together with Brown.  This is something I’ve been worried about, because I knew the judgments against her would fly, and it would make me sick.  I, in no way, will defend Brown’s actions.  Nor will I assert whether he can or cannot change.  The issue for me is how people are projecting their expectations and judgments on her.  And why?  I honestly cannot understand what she owes any of us.  Do we think if she stays away from Brown it will send the “right” message?  And if she gets back together with her it will be the opposite?  Who will these potential messages reach?  Why is it her responsibility?

Dumping on a young woman who was assaulted for making her own choices is low, period.


How Did You Choose Your Jezebel Screen Name?

February 24, 2009

I started at Gawker, and my company had just gone through a re-branding.  The branding firm had developed three consumer archetypes (all women, in her 20’s, 30’s to 40’s and 50+).  I was not involved with the re-branding but weeks afterward some of our higher-ups began stopping me in the hall – “you look just like one of our new archetypes!”

Long story short, they NAMED one after me.  It was kind of embarrassing, and kind of cool, I guess.

Anyhow, when I signed up at Gawker my branding guidelines were sitting by my computer and I thought, “I’m an archetype, that will work.”

I recently changed my screen name to Penny Plastic, for obvious reasons.

What about you?

There’s Judging, And There’s JUDGING

February 12, 2009

I have been discussing a recent Jezebel post with fellow commenter rosasparks offline, and I think she sums things up pretty damn well.

I’ve been struggling with the tone on Jezebel lately, between posts like this and those focusing on Nadya Suleman, there’s been a whole lot of judging going on among commenters and sometimes even the editors.

I can deal with sound judgements, but mindless judging rubs me the wrong way.

Adios, Jezebel

January 21, 2009

Reading through Anna’s post about commenting (or, commenters) this afternoon, I realized that I need to take a big step back from the site. It became evident to me, while reading through the comments, that I represent something that a lot of people don’t like; comments too often, talks about herself too much, too many “followers,” etc etc. When I stumbled upon a disemvoweled comment that, I believe, may have been in reference to me, I realized that my stomach had dropped. I have no interest in being That Person, or becoming overly-concerned with how Internet strangers may feel about me. So, I will find other ways to entertain myself while I’m bored out of my wits at work. I’m not trying to be over-dramatic; it’s just a website. But, it’s obviously morphed into a bit more for me, and I want to tow that in.

I will miss keeping up with news items and random stories and, of course, reading what others have to say. But, it’ll be worth it in the end, I think.

In the meantime, I can keep in touch with Jezebel friends through the blog and Facebook.