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There’s Judging, And There’s JUDGING

February 12, 2009

I have been discussing a recent Jezebel post with fellow commenter rosasparks offline, and I think she sums things up pretty damn well.

I’ve been struggling with the tone on Jezebel lately, between posts like this and those focusing on Nadya Suleman, there’s been a whole lot of judging going on among commenters and sometimes even the editors.

I can deal with sound judgements, but mindless judging rubs me the wrong way.


Rihanna: Assault Victim

February 11, 2009

Gossip is not something I care to address on this blog, but the shit-storm surrounding this story cannot be ignored. Of course, the eye of the storm has planted itself firmly on the Internet, where countless reporters, bloggers, celebrities, fans and others have weighed in with their opinions. The latest? It’s Paris Hilton’s fault. There were “sexually explicit” text messages. Chris Brown has a history of violence. Rihanna gave him herpes. And, OMG, did you know that he fucked Jordin Sparks?

Alright, folks, let’s sum up what we DO know, shall we? What has been confirmed.

  • The two had an argument that escalated.
  • Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna.
  • Rihanna called 911 was taken to a hospital.
  • Brown turned himself in to police.
  • Rihanna confirmed that she was assaulted by Brown.
  • Brown has been dropped from a few endorsement deals.
  • Rihanna has canceled some concerts.

Anything leading up to this incident is pure speculation, period. Sure, some of it may be true but 1) nothing has been confirmed and 2) nothing excuses the violent act.

The more complex argument that has emerged from this incident is when and how Rihanna should address the assault. And this is when I begin to get uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy silly gossip and have even given thought to what really happened with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, but I draw the line with incidents such as this. This is not fodder for gossip nor is it an opportunity for others to project what they feel is right and sound onto a recent victim.

Give the poor girl some time to sort shit out before we, the public, pile insane expectations on her shoulders, about her new role as a spokesperson against domestic violence. She owes us nothing. She owes herself the respect and love to recover, mentally and physically and move forward with her life.