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Plastic Recommendation – Ella Dining Room & Bar

March 1, 2009

Photo: Ella Dining Room & Bar

David and I rarely go out for expensive dinners, as we’re trying to watch our budgets.  But, his mom offered us a dinner out for Valentine’s Day, and I suggested we try Ella Dining Room & Bar.  The restaurant is fairly new and was opened by a well known and well-respected Sacramento chef who owns The Kitchen.  David and I were both incredibly tired and not especially hungry, and when we arrived we immediately hit the bar for vodka Red Bulls.  This is not something we customarily do when we’re out for dinner, but we both needed a jolt of caffeine.  Alas, David was informed by the bartender, “we don’t serve energy drinks.”  He ordered a gin and tonic instead and got me a glass of wine.  When he arrived with the drinks, I asked him what he had ordered – the drink looked like ginger ale.  Turns out the restaurant makes their own tonic water, which does have a slight ginger element.  It was delicious.

We went easy on ordering, opting for a few small plates to share.  I was in the mood for oysters, but David hates them and they served them by the half dozen.  We started with potato gnocchi with broccolini, parma prosciutto, organic cream and Parmesan.  It was yummy, but on the heavy side.  We then shared brussels sprouts with black pepper bacon and cipollini onions and ravioli of mushrooms and fresh goat cheese with leeks and black truffle butter, which was my favorite dish of the meal.  I never eat truffles so it was a nice treat.

I love food.