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Songs To Consider – Make Out

February 14, 2009

Portishead, for me, is bottom-line the sexiest damn music EVER MADE.  With maybe the exception of a few choice Led Zeppelin songs.  I own a DVD of their live performance at Roseland and I tend not to watch it anymore, because every time I have in the past I’ve been high on something and it just tends to trigger me to do…..naughty, naughty things.

Seriously, if I were drunk enough, I would make out with a cactus if I heard this music.

Also, for the record, Stealing Beauty has the best soundtrack.  Ever.


Songs To Consider – Canadian Release

January 30, 2009

Peaches, for me (key word, folks), is the ultimate Feminist.  That said, I tend to find myself attracted to hyper sex-positive women.  She questions everything through the lens of sexuality, power and gender.  She spews it out in a wonderful melody of words and music.  I appreciate anyone who can blur the lines between the sexes enough to foster some kind of empathy and want.  And she really, really likes her crotch.  Which I find endearing.

And I like her synthesizer.

Feist seems as though she might be the complete opposite, but she’s not.  In fact, she and Peaches are old friends.  Her song “One Evening” sticks with me.  It’s like Steely Dan for the millennial set, I fucking love it.  She also did an amazing cover of Peaches’ “Lovertits.”

My favorite song from Peaches new album, Impeach My Bush (NSFW):

One Evening:

FYI, this video is just a sample, I can’t find the full video that isn’t disabled for embedding.  You can see the full video here.

Songs To Consider – Bring The Lounge Home

January 24, 2009

Bitter:Sweet produces the kind of music you’d expect to see in a Bailey’s commercial and it all kind of sounds the same, but it’s kick ass for a chill night at home.  I plan on buying or downloading an album to have on tap for our next party.

Songs To Consider – Let’s Go Sailing, Indeed

January 17, 2009

This is why I love Pandora Radio.  This song popped up on my Carla Bruni station this afternoon.  I had heard it before and was reminded of how lovely it is.

Songs To Consider

January 12, 2009

I don’t like Beatles covers. At all. But I LOVE, love this cover of Dear Prudence by Alanis Morisette. She doesn’t try to fuck with it too much and it make it “hers.” She just sings it. I am not even a huge Morisette fan, but I enjoy her obvious respect and love of singing. I can tell she loves this song as much as I do.

I really want to name my first daughter Prudence. I have since I was a young little thing I first heard the White Album. Prudence reminded me of myself, a girl who needed to be talked into interacting with others. A girl who needed to know that she could have fun. A girl who needed to be told that she was beautiful. Not because she needed it, but because she was and it was important that she knew it.

I love Prudence. And, I enjoy this cover.

Songs To Consider

January 10, 2009

I would hope that I don’t need to sell any of you on Bjork.  This is my most favorite video of hers and one of my favorite songs.

Songs To Consider – I Have Many Ghosts, Don’t You?

January 8, 2009

Ladytron came out with a new album this past year. I got it for Christmas and just started listening to it this week. It’s super good, although I am a hard-core Ladytron nerd, so perhaps I am biased. When I first heard Ghost, I thought “damn, good driving song,” so I was happy to see driving as a main theme of the video. I like that they appear to be in Barstow, CA (or somewhere else equally desolate), but the wolf eyes and bunnies freak me out…..

Songs To Consider – Clone Me Some Miss Kittin

January 7, 2009

Reasons I love Miss Kittin:

  1. She’s the best DJ I’ve seen live.
  2. She’s a woman in what is largely a man’s world.
  3. She actually dances when she spins.
  4. She actually smiles when she spins.
  5. She still uses vinyl.
  6. She’s cool and modest.
  7. She put out one of my top 50 favorite albums (Radio Caroline).
  8. She draws cool, mixed crowds.

I am such a whore for Miss Kittin (Caroline Herve). Half of me wants to be her, the other half wants to make out with her. I first heard her on a Felix da Housecat album (Miss Kittin and Thee Glitz) and soon after bought her album with The Hacker, First Album.

Most people are surprised that I am so into dirty, raw, electronic music…..I suppose I don’t necessarily look like I would. But, I love dancing. A lot. I’ve been known to dance for hours straight, without a break – even to smoke, until my feet bleed. And oftentimes drugs were not involved!

Nowadays I feel like an old, domestic, nearly-30 year old. I rarely go out anymore, partly because all of my best girlfriends (and dancing soul-mates) have moved away, and partly because I really hate dancing with guys. Even David. So, I avoid taking him out to dance for fear of hurting his feelings.

So, I look back on those days fondly. Especially my time spent beneath the decks of the sublime Miss Kittin.

The clip I have provided is a live set with Alter Ego from 2005. She does have some videos (she released a solo album a few years ago) but I love watching her live, even if the quality is shitty. Skip to 1:55 for the beginning of her set.

Songs To Consider – What Does Kate Moss Have That I Don’t?

January 5, 2009

I love The Kills.  It started a few years back when a friend talked me into seeing a Bloc Party show with her.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of BP, although I’ve always had a fantasy about being their bass player.  Anyhow, the show was at the Warfield in SF so I thought, “why not?”  The Kills opened and were in the middle of their set when we arrived.  I was immediately taken in by the chemistry between the two on stage.  I didn’t realize Allison was a chick until about 10 minutes into watching them, which is strange because she’s so incredibly beautiful.  Her hair was long and in her face, and her body looked fairly androgynous.  They were so raw, almost violent.  Their earlier music was much grittier than their new stuff, but URA Fever, from their newest album, is a fucking GREAT song.  I also enjoy the video, which feels very Warhol-esque.

Also, I have a huge crush on Jamie Hince.

Songs To Consider – Ethan Bortnick

December 20, 2008

Okay, this isn’t music I would customarily listen to, but I heard this kid interviewed on NPR and he seemed like the cutest thing!  Below is a clip of his appearance on Jay Leno.  My boyfriend and I think me might actually be a bit autistic, he’s obviously a genius.  And funny to boot.