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Top Chef Finale – My Thoughts

February 26, 2009

Photo: Bravo

David and I watched the Top Chef finale tonight.  We got rid of cable so we customarily watch it a night late.

I am, in a word……irritated.  First of all, Casey?  She sucks.  It wasn’t her challenge, and she totally overwhelemed Carla.  Partly Carla’s fault, sure, but I got some SERIOUS bad vibes from Casey.

Hosea?  He also sucks.  He’s been a whiny bitch for the entire season.  And what really sent me over the edge was his comment to Carla while they were awaiting the results, about making his “own food.”

Way to rub it in, asshole.

Stefan?  You know….he’s a jerk, but he TRIES to be a jerk, and he knows it.  There’s something endearing about that.  I can tell he’s actually a good guy.

So, yeah…..I’m pissed that Hosea won.


Ode To Carla Hall

January 10, 2009

Alright, darlin’s. I just watched Top Chef from this past week and I was literally on pins and needles about who might go home. Eugene? Go, please….take your inflated sense of creativity and go back to see your family. Melissa? Honey, I like you and your funky bangs. I might get stoned with you and watch Empire Records, but I don’t want to eat your food. But, Carla, my love…..I am so glad you are still with us!!

Carla is a good soul. She just oozes happiness and love. I totally want to have her over for a dinner party and a few rounds of chess. I don’t think she will make it ’till the end, but I am thrilled that she was chosen over Eugene and Melissa. I thought for sure she was going to go home, as if the Top Chef Gods were plotting to make me cry on a Saturday night. But, egads! She is still here!

I love her. Carla, I love you.

Hootie-Hoo! Go on with your bad self and your Spirit Guides. I wish you all the best in your bid for Top Chefness!