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F/W 2009 RTW – Bibhu Mohapatra

February 14, 2009

An absolutely fantastic debut from the former design director at J. Mendel.  Hip, effortless glamor.  I look forward to seeing more from Mohapatra.

I’m noticing an early color trend of mustard yellows and deep blues.

All Photos: Style Dot Com


F/W 2009 RTW – Nicole Miller

February 14, 2009

I have a soft spot for Nicole Miller.  She offers up romance without the sap.  While she’s known for her dresses, I found myself drawn to the separates in her Fall 2009 collection.

I love this geometric print, as it feels somewhat organic.  Like a spider’s web.

I’d wear every last piece of this look.  It feels kind of bad-ass, but also sweet.

I’m loving the slim jacket.

Perfect for a gallery opening.

All Photos: Style Dot Com

And Now, A Few Moments Of Funny

February 12, 2009

By far, one of my favorite Ab Fab moments.

“Shit, someone’s taken the steering wheel!”

“Just tax the stupid people!”

Gwyneth, My Kind Of Girl

February 11, 2009

Photo: Getty

Say what you will about Paltrow, but this is a total PENNY OUTFIT.  I love mini dresses and I will pair a cardigan with anything.  I am totally digging it.

Daily Inspiration

February 10, 2009

What’s inspiring me today.

The Yellow-Heeled Shoes.

Photo: Garance Doré

Plastic Recommendation – Bottle Shock

February 9, 2009

Okay, so I realize I may be biased here….I grew up in Northern California, I attended UCD (which has a brilliant viticulture program) and I LOVE wine.  But, this movie is rad.  Beautiful landscapes, good subject, awesome 70’s southern rock music.

I took my dad to see it last Father’s Day and we totally fell in love.  It’s like Phenomenon (also set in Sonoma); he and I spent so much time driving through that area when I was a kid – Navarro, Healdsburg, Calistoga, Napa, Sonoma……it just takes me back!

See it.  Trust.

Also, I am thinking of doing a post on throwing a wine tasting party for newbies on a budget, thoughts?

Daily Inspiration

February 9, 2009

What’s inspiring me today.

Vintage Lord & Taylor advertisements.

I had to share these ads, as I pulled them from a fashion book last year for window concepting at work.  Our graphic designer blew them up to poster size and although we didn’t land on using them, I got to take them home.  They are now framed in our living room.  You all know how much I love free art!  And, these are not in print so they’re totally unique.  And, I must say, totally me.

Plastic Guide – Valentine’s Day Gift Giving

February 4, 2009

Photo: weheartit via Le Love

I dislike Valentine’s Day, but not for the reasons you may think.  I don’t mind the throngs of men shuffling around the grocery store at 7pm on February 13th, on the hunt for flowers and Mylar balloons.  I can deal with the influx of young couples treating themselves to romantic dinners at all my favorite restaurants.  All of the red and pink hurts my eyes, but there are worse things in this world.

No, I don’t like Valentine’s Day for two main reasons.  One, I am ambivalent about Romance.  Two, I work in an industry driven by social occasions and holidays.  I was working with Val product in DECEMBER.  In fact, I’m nearly done with Easter.  I’ve moved on!

In the end, though, I really just hate forced romantic gestures and disingenuous (not to mention, largely useless) gift-giving.

David and I are a great fit because we both shrug our shoulders with a “meh” when it comes to Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries and even birthdays.  Before you start to think we’re a couple of sad sacks, consider this: since I have known David, he’s bought me an iPod video, Uggs (which I am wearing right now, thank you very much) and an awesome armoire for all of my clothes.  He’s come home with flowers on a Tuesday, a nice bottle of wine on a Thursday and he makes me lunches in the morning (with notes!).  On our fifth date, he gave me a single dried red rose, which he had plucked from a vase on our second date.  He took me to Mexico on a whim and he runs me bubble baths when I am cold.  And none of these gifts and gestures have occurred for any particular reason, aside from the iPod, which I believe may have been a birthday gift.  The man is not lacking in the romance department.  I am the un-romantic one in our relationship, in fact.

Therefore, my very first gift recommendation for Valentine’s Day is this; be romantic all year long.  Do kind things for your partner.  Try to make him/her happy.  Surprise with simple and thoughtful gifts, listen intently, be flexible and open.  Gifts are fabulous.  I love giving them and receiving them.  But, they don’t need to happen for a reason.

I do not, however, begrudge those who give gifts on Valentine’s Day.  Who am I to say it’s wrong?  I simply take issue with those people who only feel motivated to do something nice because of a holiday.  So, without further ado, my Val gift recommendations!

Upgrade Your Flowers

Flowers are lovely.  Roses are…..okay.  Lots of people love roses.  Many people don’t, so keep this in mind.  Ask for a bouquet featuring your partner’s favorite color, such as green/white, yellows/oranges, even red.  Look for seasonal flowers, buy local from your farmer’s market and make the arrangement yourself.

And don’t discount plants.  Depending on your audience (if your wife or girlfriend has been hinting at her desire for 2 dozen roses, I don’t recommend this idea) a plant is a lovely gift.  If my boyfriend came home with a lime tree AND planted it for me, I’d be one happy girl.  In a few years time I’d have ample limes for cocktails.  For home cooks, herbs are a great option.

Chocolate: Less Is More

Trust me on this, a single truffle that tastes beautiful will be far more appreciated than a heart shaped box of chocolate-flavored wax.  I recommend Scharffen Berger!

Polyester Is Not Sexy

Step away from the Fredricks catalog.  Do not think about buying those silk boxer shorts with hearts.  If you really want to make your man happy, buy him some slippers – it’s cold out.  Crank up the heat and get naked, he likes you best that way anyhow.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like lingerie.  I’ve done my fair share of prancing around in a garter belt and thigh-highs.  But for as much time as it takes to get into that shit, when it’s just going to come off within minutes anyhow, it’s not worth it.

Do me this favor, if you’re giving (or wearing) lingerie, opt for a chemise.  They’re sexy, comfortable, and it will be worn again.  I recommend Cosabella.  It’s not cheap, but it lasts (I’ve had some of their underwear for longer than I care to admit).  And if you’re going for classic lingerie, go for broke.  If David and I were not on a strict budget, I would definitely ask for something from Agent Provocateur’s Love collection.

Cosabella Ceylon Babydoll, $132

Photo: Agent Provocateur

Sex Toys, Porn & Booze

All go fabulously well together; the Three Lovemaking Amigos!  This might be the time to tell you that I have major issues with my libido (thanks, Prozac), but I do appreciate a good sex toy as a gift.  Early 2 Bed is a really fantastic and approachable resource for those new to buying sex toys and porn.  They have a lot of great information and recommendations.  I honestly don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a nice basket filled with vibrators, lube, porn and wine.  And if not on Valentine’s Day, then when?

If I were pulling together a basket, I would choose the following:

Ferrari-Carano 2006 Chardonnay, $22-$26

This is a chard that is well worth the splurge.  It’s one of my absolute favorites.

Mudlark Luminaire d’Amande Candles, $12-$20

I am addicted to Mudlark almond-scented candles.  Luckily, I can get them for free through work, but I highly recommend them if you enjoy almond.  They are subtle and absolutely wonderful.  The soaps are also glorious, triple-milled and delicious.  You can purchase single/double-wick or travel candles, soap or gift sets.  The product art is also totally beautiful.

Voyeur, Vol. 3: Switching Partners, $22

Obviously porn is totally personal for each person or relationship; I chose this video because it’s great for those who are new to porn (or new to sharing with a partner).  It’s fairly tame and there’s a lot of quiet storyline so there’s time to focus on one another without being too distracted.  It’s great as a nice background turn on.  And, this volume is themed around switching and adding partners, something I think a lot of couples fantasize about.

Hitachi Magic Wand, $50

Alright, full disclosure, I don’t actually own this vibrator.  But, I plan on buying in the near future.  I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, mostly thanks to Tracie (and countless commenters) at Jezebel.

Cruiser Vibrator, $18

This I do own.  And I recommend it.  That is all.

How I Adore You: Erotic Stories, $15

I don’t own this book, but I do own another by Mark Pritchard, and he’s great.  Based in SF, he explores a range of sexualities and really helps the reader to open up and experiment with his or her fantasies.

Climax H2O Lube, $16

For obvious reasons.

A Mix CD, Free

Any music that turns you on.  For me this might include Emiliana Torrini, Air, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Bebel Gilberto, Thievery Corporation, Feist, The Doors, EBTG, Portishead, etc etc etc…..


I prefer to stay away from restaurants on Valentine’s Day.  I’d rather order a pizza and stay in, personally.  If you do want to take your partner out, take the opportunity to try a new cuisine.  Or, you could always cook!  If you’re after recipes I recommend Lottie + Doof for everyone and 101 Cookbooks for vegetarians/vegans.

Classic Gift Giving

In the end February 14th is just like any other day, and if you want to give your partner a gift, make it personal.  If your boyfriend has been talking about new running shoes or guitar strings, why not?  It’s an ideal time to give your wife a cooking lesson if you think she might enjoy it.  A kiss, a cupcake, a foot rub…’s all appreciated.  And it’s love.

Daily Inspiration

February 4, 2009

What’s inspiring me today.

Wooden lay figures.

Photo: Penny

I use these for more than sketching.  My figure at my desk at work (as you can see above) moves around quite a bit.  Right now he’s hanging out with Einstein, who resides in my dying plant.  At home I use two to hold jewelry.  The arms are perfect for shorter necklaces and larger rings.  You can find them for around 8 bucks at IKEA.

J Crew, You Slay Me

February 4, 2009

By now you should all know that I am the biggest J Crew whore in the Universe. I’ve had a fairly easy time staying away for the past few months, due in large part to my budget focus, but also because they’ve been trying to push through their inventory and it’s been the same, tired product.

No longer! When I got my J Crew catalog last week I just about died. I was tempted to grab a thick Sharpie marker to start circling my wants (old habits die very hard). Instead, I shoved the catalog into my work bag while muttering the mantra: “I will not shop, I will not shop, I will not shop.”

I finally looked through it this morning, and decided to try an experiment. Instead of heading to their website and filling up my cart, I would instead share everything I want – get it out of my system – and wait for it all to be marked down.

Icon Trench

I’m a big believer that every woman should have a trench in her wardrobe. They are universally flattering and classic. I own two, one khaki and one black, both from Banana Republic. I’ve had them both for ages. My khaki trench is cute, but the fabric is very stiff and I’ve been hatching a plan to buy a new one for years. My black trench has been through some rough times; a few years back I unknowingly tossed a cigarette into my back seat and it burned a small hole into one of the sleeves. Luckily, mt seamstress was able to relocate the sleeve buckles to cover up the flaw.

J Crew’s icon trench mimics the classic styling of London Fog coats (which, I have tried – and failed – to find on eBay….I’ve bought 4 and had to resell them all). It’s not too forward, but it still feels modern. I like that it’s double-breasted, it’s a good length and, if I know J Crew at all, the quality is likely good.

Tissue Boyfriend V-Neck Tee

I’ve been hunting for a good alternative to American Apparel cotton tee-shirts.  White v-neck tees are so perfect for layering and I love pairing them with dressier items.  I customarily buy kids tees (Hanes) but they are always so thick and too short.

Merino Michelle V-Neck Cardigan

I already own this in black and love it.  It’s currently marked down but I am sure they will bring the price down more.  I am digging the glazed pecan color.

Silk Contrast Tunic

Paired with the right accessories this is so Chanel.

Molten Metallic Tank

I bought a lamé tank in silver last year that I’ve really liked wearing.  Although it’s a bit bulky, so I am liking this more slender version.

White Denim Flare Jean

I am desperately in need of white jeans.  I try to avoid buying classic trousers if I can avoid it, as I never wear them outside of work and prefer to wear white or black jeans to the office.  J Crew pants don’t typically work very well with my figure, but I like this flared jean so I might give them a try.

Wool Crepe One-Button Blazer

I’m in the market for another blazer; I’ve typically worn Theory blazers, but my last two have fallen apart (an elbow on each wore down and split open) so I am moving away from those.  Wool blazers are ideal for California cool weather.  They’re not too heavy and are great for layering.  I prefer one-button style blazers that are on the longer side, as that proportion seems to work well with my body.  I am loving the charcoal color!  It would look great with white jeans.

Leather Capri Sandals

I buy these flip flops every year, in whichever color is on sale.  I have them in leather, velvet, zebra-printed horse hair, you name it.

Chiffon Whitney Long Dress

Alright, I don’t need this.  At all.  But, talk about Grecian Goddess!  It’s beautiful!  If I were getting married, I would wear this in a minute, and at $325 it’s a steal for a wedding dress.

I like it in the graphite color.

Rimini Vachetta Flat Sandal

My old pair of J Crew gladiator-style sandals are in a sad state.  These would be a cute replacement.

Erica Cotton Cady Dress

I don’t know why, but I feel that I must own this.  The bodice is gorgeous, and I love the spiced wine color, which I can easily take into fall.  For spring, it will look fantastic with turquoise accessories and maybe a denim jacket.

Café Capri

I bought these last year in black and ended up returning them because I have two pairs of skinny black jeans I wear all the time.  Also, this “Audrey” style pant can often feel played out.  However, for the spring, I might consider buying this pant in the stone color.  For work.

Pintuck Dress

This dress pretty much sums up what I live in at home during the spring and summer.  I LOVE mini dresses, as I am 5’6″ with long legs and NO torso, so it’s a shape that works very well on me.  I always pair mini dresses with flats – never heels.  I would wear this with a pair of gladiator flats and a denim jacket.  I wish I were wearing it now….

Pearl Garden Bracelet

I adore J Crew’s over-sized bracelets.  I like my jewelry to be dainty or BIG.  And, I like that they’ve used the traditional pearl and amplified it into a large cluster dangle.

And, there it is!  That was nowhere near as satisfying as shopping, but it helped.

All Images: J Crew